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Crestwood Christmas Carols


Saturday 17th December

4pm Fun in the park starts

5.15pm Santa thru the parks

5.30pm Santa’s Visit

6.15pm onwards Sausage Sizzle on sale

7.30pm Carols start (Hope Church)

8.45pm Night Concludes

Please invite all family and friends to this occasion. After a few ‘quieter years’ we are hoping to get back to a packed park again

Presents can be dropped from now till the 16th December in the Secure parcel locker mailbox at 10 Princeton Court. The box will be emptied at 6pm every night. Please don’t drop after 6pm due to reticulation.

There is no price limit (All though we encourage $25 or less) but size wise please be mindful when buying (i.e. no surfboards 😂)

For new residents you buy for your own child , wrap present with their name on it

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2022/23 Pool Season starts 22 October 2022