Busy Bee & Pool Opening – 21st of October 2023


On Saturday the 21st of October, the annual busy bee will be held at 8:30 AM to get the pool ready for the 23/24 season.
We are asking fellow Crestwoodians for an hour or so of your time to assist with putting up the shade sails and preparing the pool furniture.  
As is tradition, Morning tea will be provided for those attending the busy bee.

What’s New? 
This year, a life guard will be on shift at the Crestwood pool from 10:30 AM. This means that upon completion of the busy bee, the pool will officially be open for the season!
Additionally, Matt, who is Committee Member for Webmaster, will be present to complete the registration process for pool fobs and provide any assistance as required. 

In Summary:

  • Busy Bee: 8:30 AM on 21st of October 2023
  • Pool Opening: 10:30 AM on 21st of October 2023 – pending completion of Busy Bee

Matt Street 
Committee Member for Webmaster
Contact: webmaster@crestwood.org.au

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