Our Parks are free for us to use but come under the jurisdiction of the City of Gosnells.  Only two parks belongs to Crestwood.

The City of Gosnells by-laws state:

  • No hitting or throwing hard objects such as cricket or golf balls.
  • NO horses, mopeds, trial bikes, motorcycles or similar
  • Dogs to be kept on leash at ALL times

Maintenance and gardening are done by our friendly Gardeners Austin and Hamish, with a financial contribution from the City of Gosnells


The homes on the Estate are watered from the Estate’s bores, on alternate nights from approximately October to May. This could be increased/decreased, depending on rainfall and watering restrictions. The system commences approximately 6pm and waters homes through the evening until approximately 11:30pm.

Should residents need to inspect their system outside their allocated time, please contact the Gardener or the Parks & Reticulation Committee Member if the required inspection is outside the hours of the Gardener.

Individual residents are responsible for the installation and maintenance of their own reticulation systems. There can be up to another 7 houses on at the same time and any broken pipes or sprinklers will not only lower your pressure but will also affect the other properties.

Should you not receive water during your allocated watering times, please notify either the Gardener or Parks & Reticulation Committee Member, so that the fault may be rectified.

At the rear of your property, near the side of the neighbour’s boundary whose sprinklers come on at the same time as yours, there is a gate valve. This valve should be able to be located at all times. Should you need to close your system down due to a social function or repair work, it may be done by use of this valve.

Please Note: If the valve needs to be turned off, where possible, please notify the Gardener or Parks & Reticulation Committee Member beforehand.

Reticulation Schedule

Due to the warm weather predicted, the 2023/24 reticulation season will commence on Friday 13th October 2023.

In an attempt to meet our water allowance, the house’s reticulation is set for a 10 minute run, three times per week. Please download the watering schedule below to check your address and watering schedule.

Watering Schedule

Vehicle Access to parks

To prevent major replacement and repairs to footpaths on the estate, together with considerable disturbance of park surfaces, damage to sprinkler systems and park lighting, the Management Committee has issued the following instructions:-

All Home Owners who are in the course of arranging or considering carrying out building works, extensions, renovations and the like to their properties are advised that wherever possible, such building activities be made from the front of their property to minimize use of the parks for vehicular access.

If park access is necessary for vehicles of contractors whom you intend to employ, the application form must be completed and submitted together with a $700 bond, prior to entry being permitted. Banking details are on the form.

Size of contractor vehicles shall be restricted to that of not exceeding 1 tonne utility type or similar with 2.0 x 1.2 m trailer.

The bond will be refunded 48 hours after the park access, provided the paths are left in a clean, tidy and undamaged condition and the keys returned.

Any damage to C.H.O.A. property will be deducted from the bond.

If in circumstances Home Owners require private vehicle access for similar activities, the same conditions as above will apply and the bond will be $500.

Map of Crestwood Estate

A map of the Crestwood Estate is available for download by the link below.
Map of Crestwood Estate.

Your lot number should be painted on the footpath outside your rear gate.

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