Crestwood Pool Rules

The following pool rules apply to all members, visitors and guests of the Crestwood Home Owners’ Association and are a requirement of entry to the Crestwood Pool.

Crestwood Pool Rules

Crestwood Pool Opening Times

The Crestwood Pools open each year in the month of October, and close in April. The specific day of opening and closing will vary from year to year. These dates will be published yearly to the link below:

Crestwood Pool Schedule 23/24

Access to Pool

To gain entry to the pools you must be able to present a valid Key Fob.

Pool Fobs

The following general conditions apply for pool passes.

Pool passes will only be issued to qualifying permanent residents of Crestwood. Identification linking individuals to a residential address may be required in some circumstances. People renting in Crestwood will need to provide their current tenancy agreement as proof of residence.

Residents are responsible for their individual pool passes (fobs). It is required that photo identification is linked to your fob and will be added upon collection. Fob holders are solely responsible for the use of their fob and the behaviour of any visitors/guests. Photo ID is intended to reduce the risk of a stolen fob being used, or penalties for rule breaches being attributed to the wrong fob.

Adult (Blue fob)

Adult fobs are issued to residents over 18 years.

Junior (Blue fob)

Junior fobs are issued to residents 10 to 18 years. Birth Certificates may be required to prove date of birth. When considering a junior pool pass for your child, we ask all parents to assess their child’s swimming ability, including their behaviour and confidence in the water, when left unsupervised.

NOTE: Children under 10 years old will not be issued with an independent individual entry pass under any circumstances and must be accompanied by a supervising and responsible adult resident (18 years and over) at all times whilst in the pool area.


A resident must accompany the visitor and use their resident’s pool fob to gain entry for them to the pool. Each adult pool fob holder will be entitled to enter up to 5 (five) people at any given time and each junior pool fob holder will be entitled to enter 2 (two) visitors (junior visitors entering with a junior fob holder must be 10 years and over and must be able to swim). The pool rules and regulations bind the visitor, in the same way as residents.

20s Club Membership Gold (Yellow fob)

These fobs are available for homeowners who have owned a property in Crestwood for 20 years or more. Please complete the Pool Pass application on the website and select the Yellow option if you qualify. (If you already have a Gold pass, there is no need to re-apply).

Special (Red fob)

These fobs are available for family and friends visiting your home for 7 days or more and will be active for the duration of the stay. These fobs are available on application and require a $5.00 refundable deposit. Please select the Red option when applying.

Replacement fobs

A charge of $5.00 per replacement fob will apply. The lost fob will be de-activated. Please complete the Pool Pass application on the website and choose the tick box for “Replacement Pass”.

Zero Tolerance

Remember it is everyone’s responsibility to take personal ownership for safety and behaviour when using the pool.

The Association has a “Zero Tolerance Policy” concerning anti-social behaviour or unsafe acts. Any acts of vandalism, anti-social behaviour or breach of pool rules will result in the penalties listed on the pool rules.

Download the Breach Process

Other Activities at the Pool

Residents may book and use the BBQ’s located at the pool. There are no additional costs, but the BBQ’s need to be booked prior to use, and after use need to be cleaned.
Giant Lawn Games
There are some giant lawn games available to borrow. Please ask a life guard to get the games out for you. Once you’ve finished, please pack away and leave outside the pool office.
There is a library located near the pool storage area next to the hall (closest to the female toilets). You can take a book and/or leave a book.

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