Make Every Drop Count


The Crestwood Committee has been notified by the Department of Water & Environment that our water license is up for renewal. Last year we exceeded our usage limit and we now have to take steps to reduce our irrigation water consumption. We will be taking steps to reduce our usage in our public spaces (parklands) and will reduce the sprinkler run times to 10 minutes through Oct / Nov and again in Apr / May with the rest of the hotter months remaining at 15 minutes. (Subject to change). It is important that residents use this summer as an opportunity to check and repair leaks as this is where most of our excess water goes. I urge all residents to check for broken sprinkler heads and leaks during scheduled watering days and consider the tips given here.

I encourage you all to become water wise to ensure the continued supply of our irrigation in the future.

New sprinkler heads as well as advice can be obtained at most leading hardware stores. If you are in rental properties please attempt to pass this notice and information sheet on to your landlord or agent.

Your sprinkler schedule can be found here.

If you require any assistance please email or

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