Retic Testing

Retic Testing for household lots will be started on Monday 18th October for the A Group and Tuesday 19th October for the B Group.

Each house will get a five minute test with the testing running between 6:00 and 7:30 pm. Please make sure you are home and watch for your retic to start, as we cannot specify an exact time.

Please take this time to check your system and repair any faults you have. If you need to have your system shut off temporarily for repairs, please let me or Austin know on or

It is imperative that you check and look after your retic throughout the season as household faults contribute to 90% of the issues which cause system shutdowns and we all lose water.

We will be looking at starting the system running for 10 minutes, starting the week of 18 October, weather permitting, then changing to 15 minutes as the temperature warms up.

Thank you for your cooperation.